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Apple : Maybe You Can Try Apps Without Installing iOS 14

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Latest iOS 14 Update Creates A Stir!

Recently, it came to light that Apple has been trying out a new feature in its upcoming update iOS 14. The page 9to5Mac has leaked about this fascinating new feature of the forthcoming iOS 14.

This new API feature called “Clips” would allow the users to use a specific feature of some apps without installing them in the form of a card.

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Usage Of The Features

This works by using links and QR Codes. You don’t have to install the apps. You can use those apps through those links or QR codes. Those will open a specific feature of those apps in the form of a card. That will remain on your main screen as long as you want to use it later again.

For example, you have a link or QR code of a specific game or music app. Open the link or scan the QR code using “clips”. That will let you can use a particular part of that music app or game.

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Now use the demo of the apps without installing them.

The specific feature of any app which could be used by “Clips” would be decided by the developers of those apps only.

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The Benefits

The main aim of developing this feature is, it often happens when we download some apps to use. Still, then we use it rarely, or we stop using it after some days. Eventually, we forget about it, which remains their forever in our iPhone and consumes unnecessary extra space and memory, which is one of the leading cause that our phones start to hang and display errors. We face numerous troubles after using it for A years. So to overtake this problem and to ensure smooth functioning of the iPhones for a more extended period this feature is going to be of great help and extend the durability of the iPhones.

However, this has not been officially announced by Apple and is expected to be announced soon. But there’s also a possibility that as it’s a complex feature, it may take a little bit of a long time and if it’s not been able to develop in time, then it may be skipped to the next IOS update.

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