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Apple Nearly Doubles The Price MacBook Pro Memory Upgrades!

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Apple Nearly Doubles The Prize MacBook

Apple is the most popular company in producing MacBooks and many other accessories. So, recently Apple has released its new MacBook. But, it doubles the price of the MacBook, just by improving its memory capacity. Apple has made some changes in RAM, and it doubled the price of the 13-inch MacBook. Just by upgrading the memory capacity of the MacBook, the company has doubled its price. The earlier version of this Macbook is too get with all the specifications and price.

So, the new Apple MacBook 13-inch pro is launched recently. Earlier the previous models MacBooks, which are 8GB, will cost around 100 US Dollars. But, now the updated MacBook, which has doubled memory, also changed their price doubled. Thus, in countries like Europe, Germany, and many more have doubled the price of MacBook, on just increasing its memory capacity.

Apple MacBook
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MacBook Updates

Also, there is no clue regarding the purpose of increasing the price just for improving the memory by the company. However, many people feel this increase in cost is only due to the ongoing issues of coronavirus pandemic across the globe, as many companies were facing a financial crisis in this outbreak. But, there is no clear information regarding the increased price of the MacBook.

This is doubling the price of a 13-inch MacBook is not liked by many people, across the world. Also, this is not the proper act of Apple to increase the price, just after the launch of the product. Also, this product was recently released in May 2020, and now the product doubled.

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Other Details

So, this new 13-inch MacBook Pro is with 10th Gen CPU, and the RAM changed to 16GB to 32GB. Thus, by improving the memory capacity, Apple has doubled the cost. However, this new MacBook will be with a new Apple Magic Keyboard. Also, it includes a faster memory, Touch Bar, Touch ID, and many more.

This is with the fastest graphics performance card up to 3733MHz. So, it is available in India for Rs.1,22,209. But, many people feel regarding the increased price of the MacBook as an unexpected thing from Apple.


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