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Apple Watch: WatchOS 6.2.8 Beta Version Released By Apple

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Apple Releases WatchOS 6.2.8: Apple is making good use of lockdown and coming up with frequent updates. It released the second beta version of WatchOS 6.2.8 on 10 June 2020. The release of the second beta version comes a week after the release of the first one. They also released iOS 13.6 beta two a day before, i.e., 9 June 2020. There have been some unusual numbering from Apple. They have skipped WatchOS 6.2.7, and the latest available update was WatchOS 6.2.6. They have directly skipped to WatchOS 6.2.8. Even the iOS 13.6 beta version was previously named 13.5.5.

WatchOS 6.2.8 Beta Version Released By Apple
Source: 9to5mac

What’s New About Apple WatchOS 6.2.8 Second Beta Version?

There is no information yet as to what is new about the second beta version has to offer to its users. It is quite certain that this version will look towards bug fixes and improving performance, which the previous versions could not do. It is unlikely that this version will have any big updates other than bug fixes and an overall improvement in the performance of Apple Watch.

How To Download Apple WatchOS 6.2.8?

Every Apple iPhone now has a dedicated app for Apple Watch. You can update your WatchOS to version 6.2.8 by going into the general setting of your iPhone. You will find an option called System update where the new version will be ready for you to download. However, you must ensure some additional things for a successful update of WatchOS. Make sure that your Apple Watch has at least a 50 percent battery. The Watch needs to be connected to the charger while you update the software. Last but not least, the Watch needs to be within the range of your iPhone.

WatchOS 6.2.8 Beta Version Released By Apple
Source: Apple Support

Updates On Apple iOS

Apple has released many updates on its iOS in the past many weeks. It all started after the release of iOS version 13.5. After the release, there was a jailbreak, which leads to version 13.5.1. Since then, it is coming up with more and more updates and beta versions. The most recent version to release was iOS 13.6 beta 2. Apple will soon release iOS version 14 and give updates about it on 22 June 2020 at WWDC 2020. It will be interesting to see what the latest version has in store for Apple users.

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