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Apple’s Built-In Iphone Mail App Is Easy Accessible To Hackers, Research By A Cybersecurity Firm!

Apple's Built-In Iphone Mail App

Apple Mail App

A great fault has come to all the Apple users. Many experts say that the built-in mail app of iPhone users is accessible for hackers. So, the researchers say that attackers can read, modify, and delete emails without knowing to the users. Mail app in the iPhone can be used to access, view, and control the user’s mails by logging into their account. These all features are possible to manage from the Mail app of the iPhone.

Users can also manage their inbox and block other unwanted people. People can also mute the conversation, which comes in a thread. The main purpose of this app is to send some formal information to higher officials. Also, in the mail, we can add images, files, documents, and many more.

Cybersecurity Warned

Cybersecurity Warned
Cybersecurity Warned

But, unfortunately, expects says that the app is hacked and stealing the mails. Apple users who are with the version of iOS 13.4.5 and with beta software are out of this danger. However, every user should know about the fault and can take the necessary safety measures.


So, ZecOps warned people to disable their Mail app and can use Gmail, for processing of the mails. Also, the cybersecurity says that hackers are attacking thousands of people. They were hacking not even one or two mails, but doing in a mass hack in a single attack. Satnam Narang is a principal engineer at one of the cybersecurity firms, said that unless all the apple users change into the version of 13.4.5, the chances of exposure to attack is more.

So, the only solution for this is to disable their accounts from the mail app. But, Apple says that there is no evidence about the attacks in the mail app for iPhone, iPad. Also, the attacking is due to the software mistakes of the app, when it is used by thousands of people, across the globe at once.

Some of the victims were, a person from a Fortune 500 organization in North America, an executive carrier from japan, and a journalist in Europe. Since Apple has not made it to the public about the issue, so hackers found it an easy way to attack many devices.

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