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Apple’s Next Wearable Apple Watch 6: Just Revealed Top 5 Features!

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Every tech giant has made a blistering start to 2020. Several new phones are due for launch in the coming phones and many more are in the pipeline. OnePlusΒ started its year with the launch of OnePlus 8 while Tim Cook’sΒ AppleΒ is ready with the iPhone SE. The new GoogleΒ Pixel 4a is all set to launch in the coming days.

And with the new Apple Watch 6, Apple is widening its wearables as well.

Apple Watch 6

The Apple Watch is slowly starting to take shape. Apple Watch 6 still has time for its debut but hasn’t stopped the wearable from featuring online. The previous Apple Watch 5 did not live up to the expectations after the success of the 4th one. This means the new wearable has a job on its hands.

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The new watch won’t be coming out anytime before late 2020 and will feature the same design as its predecessors. The starting price will be set around Β $399 / Β£399 / AU$649. A report suggests that the new watch might feature a microLED display that means Apple Watch 6 can have longer battery life. There are rumours about a biometric scanner being fitted to the watch for additional security.

5 New Features Leaked

YoutuberΒ Nikias Molina has shared a few new features on his Youtube Channel on April 30. He has mentioned quite a few features we might get with the new Apple Watch 6.

  1. Sleep Tracking

Currently, sleep tracking is available on Apple Watches through third-party applications. This is the biggest hurdle the company faces. But according to the leak, the new Apple Watch 6 will feature an inbuilt sleep tracking software.

2. Emergency Services

The new watch could feature to identify if the user is in danger of drowning. If the user is, then the watch will automatically contact emergency services. This feature is based on the idea of the Apple Patent, which could make out if the person is in open water. Then it will work out the data based on the calendar and your current location and will let you know exactly the point where you are or where you should be.

5 New Apple Watch Series 6 Details Leaked

3. Pulse Oximeter

An Oximeter is a small device that monitors the amount of oxygen carried in your body and your pulse rate. If the levels drop, it warns the wearers if there is a chance of a cardiac arrest. This feature might be important in the current outbreak. All Apple watches monitor your heart rate and lets you know if the heart rate is less or higher or irregular than usual

4.Longer Battery Life

The new watch could feature a larger battery life Apple Watch 5. It is expected to go on for 4 days on one charge

5 New Apple Watch Series 6 Details Leaked

5. Mental Health Tracking

With the Apple Watch 6, you will be now able to track your vials. The watch will also notify emergency services in cases of panic attacks, anxiety attacks, or high levels of stress.




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