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Are Ellen DeGeneres And Portia de Rossi Heading For A $500 Million Divorce ?

Ellen and Portia
Source: Daily Mail

Ellen DeGeneres And A Falling 2020

Ellen DeGeneres: 2020 is a rough year for anyone. No one thought the start of the new decade would start with a disaster. The coronavirus pandemic has pressed a pause button in everyone’s life and the future also looks equally dark. However, there was a bigger shock that came with the lockdown in the US. The production work of talk shows, movies, and series came to a halt and the entertainment of the people also got a full stop. Ellen also sat inside her house but she could never imagine the damage Twitter could bring to her name. Fans were shocked when many people including ex-employees came forward to give their account of how Ellen is a rude person.

Ellen DeGeneres
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Ellen DeGeneres Faces Accusation For Toxic Work Environment

Ellen kept her cool and did not comment on anything. Then there came reports that the work environment of her show is toxic and employees are under a lot of pressure and stress. This forced The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s distributor Warner Bros to start with an internal investigation on the matter. They came to a conclusion where many things were true and that the environment was not what everyone thought.

Ellen DeGeneres And Portia de Rossi Heading For A Divorce

Ellen and Portia are one of the most high profile couples in Hollywood. The couple got married in 2008 and have openly shown their love for each other. However, if the latest rumors are to be believed, everything is not well between Ellen and Portia. There is a strong buzz that the two are heading for divorce amid the backlash that Ellen is receiving for her show. Portia was recently seen going for a walk with her dog and Ellen was not with her. This was immediately after the time Ellen released her statement. If the divorce rumors are true, then it will be reportedly worth $500 million.

Ellen and Portia
Source: Daily Mail

Past Divorce Rumours Of Ellen DeGeneres And Portia de Rossi

This is not the first time that the rumors of their divorce have made the headlines. However, these rumors were baseless. In the past, Portia addressed the divorce rumors with positivity and said, β€œThe divorce rumors came and then we really knew the perceptions had changed. I’m not kidding. I know it sounds ridiculous, but when that started happening I thought, β€˜Oh, now we’re finally accepted.’ We get the same s–t as every celebrity couple.”


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