Ariana Grande is Ready For Something New! Check out Her Top Favourite Lipsticks. Have a look at it now.
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Ariana Grande is Ready For Something New! See Her Top Favourite Lipsticks.

Ariana Grande is Ready For Something New! See Her Top Favourite Lipsticks.: Ariana Grande is one of the most famous pop singers. She has made a special place in everybody’s heart throughout the years. Grande is the first woman to cross over 200 million followers on Instagram. She left behind many big celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, the Kardashians, Selena Gomez and many others.

Ariana Grande Speech

She has recently spotted with many sensational celebrities like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and many others. her songs are a big hit. And she even got recognition for all of them. She performed with Lady Gaga at the VMA’s and gave her thank you speech for crossing over 200 million on Instagram.


However, it’s not just her singing and cute looks that gets fans tripping. But also, her cute yet sexy sense of style and beautiful make up she wears. She has been captured exploring a lot with different lipsticks recently.

Ariana’s Favourite Lipsticks!

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Fans love everything she wears may it be her makeup or her dress or her shoe. From high raised ponytail to oversized hoodies. She kills it in everything without even attempting to be cute.


Going through her Instagram, we realise that there are top 5 lipstick shades that Ariana likes to wear the most, and she looks stunning in. The top one has to be the nude which she wears with almost everything. May it be a gown or t-shirt.

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Apart from the nudes. Ariana likes to go for the bold girls, mainly red, maroon, black and even purple. How can we ever forget the purple lips she had in her famous music video. She never fails to inspire millions of people that follow her.

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