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Ariana Grande’s New Sexy Album ‘Positions’ Got Fans Tripping.

When we thought 2020 has nothing good about it, the biggest pop star with more than 200 million followers Ariana Grande is here with her new super sensual song. On 14 October, Ariana Grande took to the Twitter to announce about her new latest single that you are going to love. On Twitter, she mentioned ‘Can’t-Wait To Give My New Album This Month’. And this has got the fans crazy. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Ariana Grande is not just an iconic singer but currently the first female and the first singer to cross 200 million followers on Instagram. She is known for her iconic style and mesmerising voice. You can’t hate this singer. Her voice is just magic. She recently collaborated with Lady Gaga for her song. However, on 14th October she announced that soon she would be releasing her new single. And that has just stunned everyone. Fans can not wait for her new song to release.

Ariana Grande’s New Single

Her announcement has just built excitement in everyone’s heart. If this was not a great Ariana Grande move, then I don’t know what is. One week after her tweet, she released her latest new single ‘positions’ and fans are just loving it. The music video is just as excellent at the song, as her voice and as everything in the video. Fellow celebrities have congratulated on her nee song as well.


Soon after she released the song, it received tons of love from all around the world. It currently has approximately 50 million views in less than a week. Her new single is a great hit and success for her and her fans. Grande has even promoted her new song on all her social media platforms. And fans are loving in.

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In the music video, Ariana is seen changing her positions from a great businesswoman to a girl in the kitchen and even bed. And that is what the famous song is about. Don’t miss where she says ‘I am switching positions for you’. What has amazed fans the most is the fact that she has used the presidential election 2020 as kind of a theme in her video where she walks like the president of America, in the clip we can see several American flags and many people walking behind Grande while she is doing it like a boss.

Fans Are Obsessed

Fans are so obsessed that it has already been a week, but they can’t stop praising her and her idea of the new music video. She has uploaded the right song at the right time. Everything about it is so perfect. Grande has even shown some sexy moves in the video. The aesthetic of the music video is very catchy.


Ariana Grande currently has 204 million followers on her Instagram account. She has uploaded several clips from her music video promoting it like a boss and let me tell you fans are loving and enjoying it more than anything right now. Thanks to Ariana Grande, she saved 2020 in the sexiest way one can. And that is not just it; she is even encouraging her fans to vote for the presidential elections this year. She is undoubtedly one of the most influential stars of all time. What do you think about it? Have you watched her new music video already?

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