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Armie Hammer Opened Up About His Haunting Experience Of Lockdown In Cayman Islands

Armie Hammer Opened Up About His Haunting Experience Of Lockdown In Cayman Islands
Source: Insider

Armie Hammer Opened Up About His Haunting Experience Of Lockdown In Cayman Islands: Recently, Armie Hammer shared his dreadful experience of being locked up due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. He was in the Cayman Islands when the virus was spreading slowly.

Nobody Was Allowed To Go Out, Not Even For 5 Minutes

In an interview, the actor revealed that his stay turned into a haunting period from a tropical paradise. However, the Island’s situation was much better than many parts of the world. He, along with his family, also handled everything efficiently.

Still, nobody was allowed to go to America or any nearby place. Everything from groceries to gas stations was closed because of the lockdown.

“Everyone just locked themselves in their house. If you’re out and they see you, you go to jail for a year. I am not kidding,” said Armie. For instance, one guy did not follow the rules of curfew and went out for just 5 minutes. Consequently, he got locked up for around four months.

Armie Hammer Said That He Came Very Close To Losing His Mind

Hammer was staying at his father’s apartment with his now ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers, his father’s wife and his two kids.

“We’d be looking out at the ocean, but couldn’t go in the ocean; looking at the beach, but couldn’t go on the beach,” said Armie. They weren’t supposed to go outside or use the pool. So, it was indeed a very packed up atmosphere for them.

Hammer confessed that he “came very close to completely losing” his mind. The situation made him quite depressed. It was a strange and intense situation. He felt like being stuck in a tiny place and recalled that he never faced anything like this ever in his life.

The Island had Such Strict Rules Of The Lockdown That Not Even A Single Mail Could Come In.

He felt that he was personally unable to handle that complicated situation. The Island had such strict rules of the lockdown that not even a single mail could come in. He felt like he was trapped in prison and desperately wanted to get out.

This incident left such a severe impact on the actor’s mind that he has started seeing a therapist twice in a week.

Hammer And Chambers Ended Their 10 Years Of Marriage In July

This quarantine also ended his ten years of marriage with his wife, Chambers. The ex-couple filed for divorce on July 10.

Hammer went back to stateside before getting separated in July while his ex-wife remained in the Cayman Islands with their two kids.

“It has been an incredible journey, but together, we’ve decided to turn the page and move on from our marriage,” the duo announced. They also requested for some privacy and compassion for the sake of their children and family.

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