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Arrow: Oliver Queen Did Not Trust Batman Was For Actual

Arrow batman

Arrow: Oliver Queen

Arrow, one of the most popular comic book shows of all time.Β  Stephen Arnell, which means our beloved Oliver Queen a.k.a Green Arrow, wasted no time in his rise to fame. Claimed to have spent over five years on a mysteries island, the CW T.V series follows the adventures of Oliver Queen. The show follows the journey of Oliver Queen from a playboy billionaire to the crime-fighting vigilante we all know as Green Arrow. Now, Arrow links Batman.

Green Arrow is a fictional character created by DC Comics. Developed by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg, the show went on for eight consecutive seasons with Rotten Tomatoes rating them at 85%. CW renewed the series for one final season and March 2020 was the last time the fans got to see their costumed crime fighter in action.

The image posing Oliver Queen from The Arrow.

The series takes a completely new approach towards all the superheroes created by DC Comics over the years. With several awards and multiple nominations, Arrow has always been positive when it comes to critic reviews.

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Arrow Links Batman: Why Oliver Queen Did Not Trust Batman?

Batman has been one of DC Comic’s most prized possession. Though they never meet on TV, Batman and the Green Arrow are connected. Ra’s Al Ghul links the two characters. Ghul, who was the Batman villain in the Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan. The midseason finale also saw Oliver going against the member of the League Of Shadows.

The show borrowed heavily from the adventures of Batman. Oliver Queen’s backstory, his sudden disappearance for a certain period, the return of the Green Arrow as the good samaritan in the form of a crime-fighting vigilante and also a few characters off the top of the Batman series.

Arrow Batman
Batman links with Oliver Queen in the Arrow series.

Oliver Queen denies the existence of the Caped Crusader throughout his series.

“Elseworlds” was the 2018 Arrowverse crossover. This saw Stephen Arnell denying the existence of Batman to claim the crown of the only vigilante out for delivering justice.Β  Many have claimed this to be a result of professional jealousy between the two.

However, the crossover also saw the makers of Arrow accepting the fact that Batman was a part of their Arrowverse. It is still unclear as to who exactly among Batman or Bruce Wayne is part of the Arrowverse.

There are two questions up for debate. IfΒ  The Green Arrow doesn’t wish to take away the single “Guardian Angel ”Β  of the people tag there was forth his name. Or whether his denial for the Bat comes from a somewhat personal space.

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