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Arthdal Chronicles Season 2: Release Date, Cast, What Will Be Storyline? Get To Know The Updates!

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Arthdal Chronicles

We all have a thing for Korean Drama series because it’s always so entertaining to watch! One such show is Arthdal Chronicles, it’s everything a good TV series needs to be- a soothing plotline, captivating soundtrack and beautiful character portrayal.

It started airing on Korean channels every Saturday at around 9 pm. Since it started airing around last year June, you can now catch all the episodes over Netflix.

The main focus point in the entire series is Eun seom, he goes through a lot just to get his tribe back. However, he is confronted with his true origin at various points of time. This series is all about the land of Arth, and Arthdal. If you like mythical backgrounds, this is exactly the show for you.Arthdal Chronicles season 2 Netflix release date: Will ...

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Arthdal Chronicles: Cast Members

Let’s have a look at our wonderful characters:

  • Jang Dong gunΒ – Ta gon
  • Song Joong-ki – Eun seomΒ and Saya (identical twin)
  • Kim Ji won – Tan ya
  • Kim Ok VinΒ – Tae Al-ha
  • Jung Jae won – young Ta gon
  • Kim Ye Joon – young Eun seom
  • Heo Jung Eun – young Tan ya
  • Kim Seo Yeon – young Tae Al ha
  • Moon Woo jin – child Ta-gon"Arthdal Chronicles" (2019 Drama): Cast & Summary | Kpopmap

There are other supporting characters too, but this list consists of the main characters (both young and adult). Who do you think is making a comeback in the next season?

When Will Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Release?

The last season came around in 2019 and we know for sure that it is renewed for another season. I don’t think it can make the release this year because it must have been impossible to film in under such diseased circumstances.

Since the last season finished off with a cliffhanger, a second season must be on the way. There will be some flashbacks, obviously, but the plot remains unknown. Meanwhile, you can look up for more Korean drama over Netflix, they have a bunch of them.

Keep bingeing and hoping that Arthdal Chronicles season 2 provides us with some updates soon!Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Episode 2

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