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As 2020 Election Looks Like A Distant Dream, Kanye West Hints At 2024 US Elections !

Kanye West
Source: ABC News

Kanye West First Election Rally

Kanye West ElectionΒ made many heads turn when he conducted his first rally in South Carolina. As far as the US elections 2020 is concerned, Kanye West has started very late compared to his competitors. Many people came without a mask in the limited seat rally. The event was poorly organized, and it was understandable since it was his first time. However, his words lacked knowledge, and he said many ambiguous things with no agenda. He also said much other controversial stuff for which people started leaving his rally. His words on his wife and daughter made separate headlines.

Kanye West
Source: The Sun

Kanye West Fails To Make A Mark At South Carolina

Kanye West required 10,000 signatures to make it to the presidential ballot in South Carolina. However, his immature words and inexperience have cost him the ballot in South Carolina. Apparently, he failed to get the signatures which means, he would not be in the presidential ballot in South Carolina. This has taken a major hit on Kanye’s dream of becoming the President.

Kanye West Hints On His Failing 2020 Election Dream

After a failed attempt in South Carolina, Kanye West has got a reality check. He has understood that the already difficult has now become very close to impossible. Kanye did not shy away from accepting that his dream may not happen. He talked about the same in one of his tweets, “#2020VISION or maybe ’24 I guess all black people supposed to vote on Biden? Y’all want me to run on nah???” Recently, Kim revealed that Kanye’s bipolar disorder was the reason behind his erratic and unusual behaviour that the people have witnessed in his rally and tweets.

Kanye West
Source: ABC News

Is Kanye West Aiming For 2024 Elections?

Kanye West has apparently hinted about going for 2024 election with his 2020 dream becoming a disaster. Kanye talked with Forbes about becoming the President and revealed that if he wins, it will be the will of God. He said, β€œLet’s see if the appointing is at 2020 or if it’s 2024 because God appoints the president. If I win in 2020 then it was God’s appointment. If I win in 2024 then that was God’s appointment.”


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