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As Labor Day Nears, Dr. Fauci Fears A Rise In Cases ! Expects People To Maintain Social Distancing !

Dr. Fauci
Source: NY Post

Dr Fauci Feels Labor Day Will Be Critical For Pandemic

Labor Day is around the corner, and Dr Fauci is tensed for America and its people. This is usually that time of the year in America where people party and meet their friends. However, this isn’t a usual year.Β  2020 is the year of corona, and nothing can be usual or the way it was. Dr Fauci is tensed that the cases may surge after Labor Day if people don’t act responsibly. He said, “I look upon the Labor Day weekend really as a critical point. Are we going to go in the right direction and continue the momentum downward, or are we going to have to step back a bit as we start another surge?”

Dr. Fauci
Source: CNBC

Dr Fauci Lists Seven States That Need To BeΒ  Really Cautious

Dr Fauci listed out seven states of the US that are very much vulnerable towards a rise in cases as they are already showing an upward trend. As per him, there are high chances that things might fall apart in these states due to Labor Day. He said, “There are several states that are at risk for surging, namely North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Arkansas, Missouri, Indiana, Illinois. Those states are starting to see an increase in the per cent positive of their testing; that is generally predictive that there’s going to be a problem.”

Fauci Hopes The Vaccine Comes Only If Its Safe And Effective

States have got a circular to remain prepared for the distribution of vaccines by November 1. This would mean two days before the elections. People, instead of feeling relieved, felt suspicious that the Trump administration is unnecessarily fastening the process to swing the election in their favour. However, Dr Fauci is certain that the vaccine will be approved only if it’s safe and effective. He said, “And I would assume, and I’m pretty sure, it’s going to be the case that a vaccine would not be approved for the American public unless it was indeed both safe and effective.”

Dr. Fauci
Source: NY Post

Fauci Has One Big RequestΒ  From Americans

Dr Fauci knows how people go about on Labor Day. However, he expects the people to at least follow one important rule. He wants everyone to be very particular about wearing the mask. This will reduce the spread considerably.


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