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Ashley Darby Feels Frauded While She Bought An Item For Her Son Online!

Ashley Darby Feels Cheated
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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the world has been more virtual than in-person appearance. Be it schools in shopping malls. People are availing of all the facilities online. However, it has been a tough time for ordinary people, but some profit from the situation. Let us name one star who made a profit out of the same. Ashley Darby is one of them. The Real Housewives of Potomac Star is buying many trendy and useful items that are available online. However, she feels cheated after she brought an item through Online. Hence let us move ahead with the topic and learn more about the same.

Ashley Darby Made Appearance On We Should Talk Series

Ashley Darby Feels Cheated
source: Essence

The American Tv Personality and the star contestant at Real Housewives Of Potomac made an appearance on the talk series show ”We Should Talk”. It more like a podcast, and the episode of Darby is available On Spotify. The Tv Reality star was questioned on many things where she responded well to it on the show. To Keep You Notified, more of the questions were about her recent shopping and such. The first question asked was, What was the last thing she bought From Amazon? To which she responded, “The last thing I bought on Amazon was an air purifier for Dean. I’mI’m a little bit obsessive these days, so I bought a hospital-grade air purifier.” As a result, the air Purifier is worth $119.

Last Thing Ashley Darby Bought Online?

Further, the interviewer asked her about the last thing she bought online, and now that thing is part of her daily routine? Darby said, “I lately purchased a gua sha stone, which you can do a gua sha massage with. It aids drain your lymphatic system. It’s an early Chinese massage method that helps your skin tighten and all that good material. I feel like it has [helped me], but I have pregnancy skin, so I already have a lift. I believe it has that benefited me, though!” The Rose Quartz Guasha Tool is worth $9.99.

Ashley Darby Feels Cheated

Ashley Darby Feels Cheated
source: Hollywood Life

The actress ordered a shirt for her baby that seemed to be helpful to her. She stated that she felt Frauded as the item she bought is a waste of money, and it took two months for the delivery of that article. Logan Infrared Sauna Blanket is worth $155.99, and she learns the lesson the hard way.

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