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Ashley Martson Officially Announced Seperation From Hubby Jay Smith! Says “The Seperation Is For Good”

Ashley Martson Broke Up With Jay Smith
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Ashley Martson has officially announced her separation from 90 Day Fiance star Jay Smith. The couple were in an unstable relationship, and there was no compatibility too. Despite knowing the fact that Jay has an account on tinder, she still kept the love and romance alive. However as the situation started getting out of hands, Martson Left Jay and is planning for a fresh new start. According to Martson’s Instagram post, it seems like the couple have together decided their separation. Hence let us get started with the topic and learn more about Jay and Martson’s Relationship.

Ashley Martson Broke Up With Jay Smith

Ashley Martson Broke Up With Jay Smith
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The star couple at 90 Day Fiance Broke up recently on Tuesday. Marston made an official announcement on her Instagram account, where she explained the entire scenario. She posted a Picture Of Quotes saying “Sometimes things just Don’t WORK OUT, and it’s not anyone’s fault.” It’s just the way things are.

Ashley Martson Explains the Reason For The Separation

Ashley Martson Broke Up With Jay Smith
Source: 90-day Fiance wiki

The entire story was made clear to the fans through her Instagram post. As a result, she put every reason in the caption. She wrote, “Before the stories get all mistaken, I will just speak it myself. Jay and I have decided to separate for good,”.”I thought I was stronger and more accepting, but I’m not. Sometimes when trust is broken, it just cannot be repaired.I wish Jay the best, and we are both on the same page with this.” Moreover Jay has been cheating on her with some other woman but never accepted the mistakes he made.

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Martson Blames No one

Ashley Martson Broke Up With Jay Smith
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Being a mature lady Marston Blamed no one for the breakup with Husband Jay Smith. She calls it a mutual decision. She wrote, “No one cheated. None of us did anything. I simply couldn’t get over the things that happened in the past.” I gave my all to this marriage but received nothing, and as I type this, I’m heartbroken, this isn’t how I envisioned my future,”. “We want to thank everyone who has helped us. Have a great weekend, everyone. She ended writing “To, my close friends and y I’m sorry you’re finding out this way.” I just Don’t have the power to talk about it. Therefore please forgive me.”

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