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Asteroid 2010 FR To Pass By The Earth On September 6th! Check Out!

NASA Is Closely Observing The Asteroid’s Track

Asteroid 2010 FR To Pass By The Earth On September 6! Check Out!: A colossal asteroid named 2010 FR will fly over the earth on September 6, 2020. It is double the size of Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Its massive size is precise by the observations.

NASA is continuously keeping watch of the asteroid. It has mentioned that the asteroid’s probability of hitting the earth is almost zero. So, there is no need to panic yet. However, the authorities are still observing its as it is approaching near the planet.

Asteroid 2020 FR Is Massive In Size

NASA has predicted that the asteroid will flyby the earth at an approx distance of 4.6 million miles. To get a better understanding, you can imagine it 19 times the distance from the world to the moon. It is said to be 886 feet high. Similarly, the width is almost equal to its length in dimensions. 2020 FR is categorised as an Apollo asteroid because it will go through the earth’s orbit.

Beside the asteroid’s enormous size, its travelling speed is breakneck at 14 kilometres per second. Scientists are trying to find more details about this asteroid by observing it. The Virtual Telescope Project will capture the images of the asteroid.

2010 FR Is “Potentially Hazardous.”

Getting clear shots of an asteroid which is far away from the earth is an uphill task. For instance, they didn’t capture the photos taken by The Virtual Telescope Project in ideal conditions. You can check out the asteroid picture below. They took it when it was approximately 7.8 kilometres away from the earth.The arrow points out the asteroid.

Source: SlashGear

The asteroid is claimed as “potentially hazardous” by the scientists because it can hit the earth at some point later. An asteroid’s orbit could be altered by the sun or other planets in its way during its journey. That is why an asteroid with a minimum orbit intersection distance of 0.05 AU or less can be a threat.

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