Asteroid 2020 RK2 To Collide Inside Earth’s Orbit. Check out if it's hazardous to human life! Have a look at it.
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Asteroid 2020RK To Collide Inside Earth’s Orbit. Check Out If It’s Hazardous To Human Life!

Asteroid 2020RK2: Recently NASA calmed that an asteroid larger than an airliner may enter and Collier inside the earth orbit. The name of the asteroid is 2020 RK2. It is one of the largest asteroids that has entered the earth orbit. Check out everything you need to know.

Asteroid 2020RK2

Nasa is closely tracking the asteroid and studying all its parameters for better knowledge of it. The asteroid is traveling with a speed of 6.6 km per hour. However, the size of the asteroid is more than the largest aerospace company Boeing.


Taking about if it hazardous to human life or not. Scientists have claimed that a completely bigger asteroid has entered the earth orbit without causing any damage. Hence it is unlikely that this asteroid will cause damage or be hazardous to human life.

Asteroid 2020RK2
Asteroid 2020RK2

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The asteroid is approximately 38 lakh km away and is traveling with a speed of 6.6km. Chances are that the asteroid may enter the earth’s surface at 10:43 pm on the 7th of October. However, the time is an approximation and can vary depending on the speed and distance.


Astronomers claimed that this asteroid was first noticed last month and was traveling towards earth at a relatively lower speed since then. However, once the asteroid passes through the earth’s surface it won’t come until the year 2027.


The fact that many asteroids have collided and entered the earth’s surface in the past few months. It claims that no less than 5 asteroids may enter the surface of orbit this year. However, there’s no confirmation about it. And the scientists are working on their studies. What do you think about it?

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