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AstraZeneca Vaccine Has Almost Come To A Halt!

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AstraZeneca Vaccine Has Almost Come To A Halt!: Many countries are trying to become the first one to produce a vaccine for COVID-19. As the number of people getting affected has been continuously increasing, causing death worldwide.

We must get a vaccine that’s reliable and has no side effect on the long term health of any person.

AstraZeneca Halt

AstraZeneca vaccine trials had come to a halt when a person in the UK had a side effect, directing to developing a severe neurological problem after receiving the vaccine.

The reason for the side effect is unknown due to the personal information discloser of the patient.


The trial of the vaccine will be starting again around the world cause vaccine trail stopping at such a stage is not possible. We are closely monitoring assured for any person who will show side effects.

The UK Start Their Trail Again

With the government believing AstraZeneca being the most promising vaccine among the others. The World Health Organization (WHO) had also flagged AstraZeneca’s most profitable.

With the death rate at almost, the 900,000 everyone has been concerned about their health and daily life. Since March, the whole world has been on a halt, and everybody hopes for a vaccine.

The World Health Organization (WHO) flagged AstraZeneca’s most promising vaccine so far.

The US’ trial doesn’t want to continue the halt as it’s only delaying the delivery of the vaccine to all the citizens. An AstraZeneca spokeswoman declined to comment on when the U.S..S. trial would resume.

Also, Brazil has restarted the trail of the vaccine. The status of South Africa and India is unknown for now.

Life around the world is at a standstill with the global pandemic, with economic growth almost falling.

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