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ATTENTION!! Marvel Studios New Movie Updates: Eternals

The Eternals
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ATTENTION!! Marvel Studios New Movie Updates: Eternals: The Marvel Studio has come up with a new movie, Eternals. This time we will get to see some faces in the Marvel universe.

Eternal's poster
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To check out the trailer of Eternals. Click here!

Marvel Legend Figure: Villian Kro

It seems like more and more merchandise for Marvel Studios Eternals is starting to leak out. This time the Marvel legend figure has revealed is the first look of the villain Kro. He’s first appeared in 1976 the internal #1 and created by Jack Kirby.

Marvel studio, Eternal
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Often referred to as the warlord Kro, he is the leader of the deviants, an offshoot of humans that have battled the Eternals throughout history.

The celestial’s first deviants named Karo, like others of his species, acquires the ability to shapeshift and has superhuman attributes.

The first Marvel legend figure has revealed the first look of the villain Kro.
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In the coming, Kro has an on and off relationship with eternal Thena and even fathered her children Donald and Deborah.

Marvel Studios: Eternals

The last time we saw many superheroes coming together in an MCU movie was in Avengers endgame. But Eternals will be a movie that will have a new cast and new superheroes. In their story, the Infinity stone will again play a vital role.

The Eternals cast members
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But everyone is eager to know who will be the bad guy and how will the bad guy look! Well, it seems like we might have just got a hint of the same.

The Eternals Characters
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Talking about the villain, Kro’s look is out. However not officially but a figurine of this Marvel villain is going viral on the Internet.

The figurine of Crow looks quite devious. Looks like Thanos a tough competition however it is not yet known who will play the villain in the movie.

Eternals Cast Members And Characters

Talking about the characters, Richard Madden will play Ikaris; Kit Harrington will undertake in Dane Whitman and Angelina Jolie will portray Thena.

Marvel Studios New Movie Updates: Eternals

Actress Salma Hayek will play Ajak, Gemma chan will be as Seers, and Kumail Nanjing will play Kingo in the MCU universe.

Marvel studio new production, Eternals

Meanwhile, Eternals was earlier supposed to release on Feb 2, 2021, however, after the Black Widows delay on May 7, 2021, the roster has changed a lot. Eternals will now hit the screen on November 5 2021.

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