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August Alsina Reason For Revealing His Relationship With Jada Pinkett Goes Back To His THREE KIDS !

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August Alsina Feels He Is A Private Man

August Alsina recently said in an interview that he is a private man and likes to keep his personal life with himself. For people following his controversy with Jada Pinkett, they find it a very contradictory statement. This is because, two months ago, August revealed that he was in a relationship with Jada many years ago and Will Smith knew about it. Moreover, Jada confirmed it on her Red Table Talk episode. Talking about the time before his revelation, he said, β€œI really am a private person. Β People have never known much about my love life because it’s not important.”

Why Did August Alsina Speak Out About His Relationship With Jada Pinkett

When August came out about his affair with Jada, everyone wondered why he decided to come out now. Many thought he wanted some publicity for his album that was to release the same month. However, August made it clear that all this never came to his mind when he spoke up about his love life. He said, β€œI never really cared about what people thought of me, but my personal life started to seep into my business life. There were certain falsities about me, and it affected my business relationships.”

August Alsina’s Reason For Revelation Goes Back To His Kids

August is not earning only for himself. He has three children who he has to take care of. These three kids are his niece Chaylin, 14, Amaiya, 13, and Kayden, 11. Unfortunately, their father died in 2010Β  when he was shot dead. Sadly their mother also died in 2018 due to cancer. So now August is their guardian and takes care of them. He further said in his interview, β€œAnd I’m never OK with that. I got three kids to look after. Kill me, hate me, stone me, but bury me an honest man. All I can do is tell the truth.”

Will and Jada
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August Alsina Has Respect For Will Smith And Jada Pinkett

Even after so much controversy, August has always maintained that he has no enmity against Will and Jada. In fact, he respects them completely and has a lot of love for them. However, contrary to this, he released a song called Entanglements where he made some mean and cryptic lines against the two.

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