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Australia Leaks Out Coronavirus Contact Tracing App!

New COVID 19 tracker app by Australian Government

The Coronavirus Tracing App

It is a mobile application proposed to the government as a means to trackΒ COVID-19. So, all the nations made plans of bringing this app into the picture. This ensures the safety of the people. It also makes it easier to trace the people affected by the virus. Now, theΒ app has already fallen short of acceptable security standards by leaking user data.

Austraila rolls out new corona tracking app

Australia Launches The Coronavirus Contact Tracing App

However, Australia launches a coronavirus contact tracing app on Sunday afternoon. Since then, more than 1.8 million Australians have downloaded the app. BBC reports that all these downloads took place only within a span of a few hours.

Is It Mandatory To Download The App?

Scott Morrison says that the Australian government’s COVID Safe tracking app is not mandatory to download. But it will play a part in easing Covid-19 restrictions. Since the release of this app, the tech community is dissecting the inner-workings of its software.

New app tracks the COVID 19 contact

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How Does The COVID Safe App Work?

This app traces every person running the app who has been in contact with someone else using the app, which has tested positive for coronavirus in the previous few weeks. The COVID Safe app lets devices conduct a digital handshake when they come within 5 feet of each other.

Using Bluetooth, it also notifies the users if they come into contact with an infected person for longer than 15 minutes.

Where To Download The App?

One can download the app from the Australian Apple App StoreΒ orΒ Google Play store. You can also access it from the government’s Covidsafe app page

New COVID 19 tracker app by Australian Government

Security Of Personal Data

The Australian government confirms that there is no question regarding the safety of the data provided by the users. It says that only health authorities will have access to the data stored on its app. However, it may not be legally possible for other bodies to access the data.

Cybersecurity researcher Dr Vanessa Teague studied the COVIDSafe app. She says that this app creates more opportunity for someone’s pings to be identified over a more extended period.


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