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Author Warns China About Its Collapsing! Read On

Gordan Chang

Author Warns China About Its Collapsing! Read On!: FOX News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” guest anchor Charles Payne’s exclusive interviewed China Analyst Gordon Chang.

The Assumptions

In the interview, Chang showed that he tends to support the Donald Trump government and their decision to decoupling the U.S government free China.

Even though the U.S government cannot bear the loss. Donald Trump only stated that he is considering the fact about cutting ties with China.

Chang also revealed that “China is configuring its military to kill Americans.” Changs comments suggest that China is planning to double its stockpile of nuclear warheads in this decade.

Chang also explained that President Xi Jinping had already given hints that there might be a change in the international system and not in the inside of the country system. He has already warned everyone that China is moving fast to close its an international system because of the current democratic, environmental and economic problems.

He also stated:

“I think China believes it needs to move fast and that means we’re going to see problems, not in the 2030s, we’re going to see problems now.”

Though most of the comments that came from Gordon are not based on facts and research, they are the impact of his sentiments and ideology. He had been badmouthing China from 2001 and has claimed that there will be a downfall of the China government.

“Collapse Of China”

Gordan Chang is the author of the book “Collapse of China”, one of the famous book.

One of the most notoriously known in China

He has stated that there is a possibility of the China government having a downfall which may lead to its collapse in 2011, 2012 and 2016.Β  Though there was no such incident. Chang believes that the China government will eventually have a collapse. Even though his novel has made him famous, it has also received a lot of criticism.

The book had also been criticised because it’s not based on knowledge of the economy but only on the ideology of the author.

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