Baba Ka Dhaba The Place For Advertisements And Hoardings! How Did It All Started?

Baba Ka Dhaba The Place For Advertisements
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Baba Ka Dhaba The Place For Advertisements And Hoardings! How Did It All Started?: Baba Ka Dhaba has become one of the most Visited Food Stall In Malviya Nagar Delhi. The Food Stall is run by two elderly Couples age 75+. As a result, it has now become an advertisement Attraction. Zomato To Pepsi, every brand has its tag at the stall, and there’s hardly any place left to put other. It is the Power of Social Media, Where one gets justice and attention.

Moreover, there are many low food stallers, just like Kanta Prasad’s Dhaba. Hence a program has been launched to help them too. Isnt it a blessing? Well, If you do not know the trending news, we got you covered.

How Did Baba Ka Dhaba Come Into Spotlight?

Baba Ka Dhaba The Place For Advertisements
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The Story started when a Youtuber visited the food stall while he was on his way to his home. The visitor took a look at the place and found out that it is being Run by two elderly Couple. Due to Lockdown, the Couple had lost their source of income and had no option left, so they came up with the idea of serving food at low prices. As a result, the Youtuber Thought of sharing the inspiring Story Of The Elderly Couple on social media would gain some attention and help them to the core.

Baba Ka Dhaba’s Owner shares his Story

Baba Ka Dhaba The Place For Advertisements
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The Youtuber was sympathetic towards the elderly Couple and asked them if he could film them. They Responded Positively and said yes to the same. The Owner, Kanta Prasad, shared his struggle story with the Youtuber Named Gaurav Wasan. He Mentioned, Lockdown has been very strict on them, as they lost their small jobs and had nothing to rest their lives on. Moreover, the Couple tried finding out some jobs, but they fit in nothing. Hence they planned to set up a food stall at Malviya Nagar in south Delhi and provide food to the people at low cost. Moving On, he said it is difficult for him to sell even a parcel because no one ever visits his stall, and all of the food gets wasted. As the lights go down, they are left with food and disappointment.

Baba Ka Dhaba The Place For Advertisements

Baba Ka Dhaba The Place For Advertisements
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The Youtuber later uploaded the video On Instagram IGTV as he wanted to help the Couple and gain some customers for them. Within a day, The video received more than 3 Million Likes and 39,000+ Comments. It was the day, where every other Instagram Handlers shared the IGTV Video On their Story. Later that day, many Known Indian Youtubers such as Harsh Beniwal and team visited the place and posted a picture saying, “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, We are at Baba Ka Dhaba, Where are you”? Many started visiting the place, and is now the best place for lunch at low prices In Malviya Nagar. It’s been 5 Days since Every Brand has shown up at the location and placed their Respective Advertisements.

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