Ban Of iPhone In Movies: For Negative Character

Ban Of iPhone In Movies: For Negative Character

Ban Of iPhone In Movies: For Negative Character

Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Apple is an American multinational technology company. It designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

iPhone is a well known and well-established smartphone created by the Apple company. The first iPhone got released on June 29, 2007. Since then, multiple better-featured iPhones are filled in the market.

If someone asks you which is the best smartphone, what will you reply? Of course, the iPhone. At least I will say that.

Movies are the best part of our daily life. We like watching them when we are happy, depressed, or bored. It plays the role of the best companion.

This means of entertainment is also used as a marketing strategy. Many firms pay certain movies in turn for asking to market their product in the film.

Recently it is reported by Apple that further, it will not allow negative characters in the movie to use the iPhone.


Why Bad Guys Restricted From iPhones

We all are aware of how Apple is very particular about the display of its products on big screens. But this news is something amazing which we missed out on.

We will never see a negative character using an iPhone in any of the Hollywood films. It is updated by the director of the film Knives, Rian Johnson, that Apple won’t allow negative usage of the phone.

So if anyone of you is watching a thriller movie, and you want to know the antagonist, search for a guy with an iPhone. Wow!


Apple And Its Guidelines

According to Mac rumors, it is reported that Apple has set some guidelines on the usage of the smartphone in the movies.

Apple announces that the phone should be used in such a way that it reflects the best light on Apple products and the company before movies and series played a significant role in marketing Apple’s TV.

For this, they always picked friendly content.

In addition to this, it is found that Apple is going to release its next line-up of budget iPhones in this March. Apple is coming with lots for us.

It seems that the company is still determined even when COVID-19 has affected the launch of the iPhone 9 and the production of its new iPhones.

Obsession over the new iPhone is coming up with no use of the iPhone by the bad guy in front of Cameras.



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