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Barack Obama Accuses Donald Trump Of Not Taking Responsibility For Coronavirus Debacle !

Donald Trump Barack Obama
Source: PBS

Barack Obama Cannot Take Four More Years Of Donald Trump.

Barack Obama recently came down to the battlefield for the first in-person campaign of Joe Biden and against Donald Trump. He made it very clear from his side that another term of Trump as President might take America backwards to a point where it will be difficult to recover. Moreover, he said, β€œWe can’t afford another four years of this because what happens is you do get to a point where you go so far back that it becomes tough to then dig yourself out of the hole.”

Donald Trump Barack Obama
Source: PBS

Donald Trump Did Not Use The Pandemic Playbook Of Barack Obama

When Obama took over the office in 2008, the country was going through a terrible depression and soon came across the swine flu pandemic. However, Obama managed to get out of both the problems and the US economy started booming again. He was pissed that Trump had to follow what he did, and he chose not to follow it. Moreover, Obama said, β€œThe pandemic would’ve been tough for any president. We haven’t seen anything like this for 100 years. But this degree of incompetence and misinformation… The number of people who might not have died had we just done the basics. We left this White House a pandemic playbook. We don’t know where that playbook went. They probably used it to prop up a wobbly table or something.”

Barack Obama Feels Donald Trump Is Not Taking Responsibility For The Pandemic

When Trump came to the office, the US economy was booming. However, when the pandemic hit, the economy hit hard and is now under depression again. Obama criticised Trump for taking credit for the economy that he got from him and not taking responsibility for the pandemic. Moreover, he said, β€œI get that this president wants full credit for the economy he inherited and zero blame for the pandemic he ignored.”

Donald Trump Barack Obama
Source: NBC

Making Stuff Up Doesn’t Make Things Better, Says Obama

Obama took a dig at Trump, who is famous for inaccurate stats and made-up stuff. He said, β€œBut you know what? The job doesn’t work that way. Tweeting at the television doesn’t fix things. Making stuff up doesn’t make people’s lives better.”

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