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Batman Had Almost Put A Stop On The Career Of George Clooney!

George Clooney
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Batman Movie Almost Ended The Career Of George Clooney

George Clooney is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood at the moment. Women from all around the world have a crush on him, and his movies carry the charm that Clooney is known for. However, Clooney revealed in a recent interview that his career almost came to a full stop when he did the Batman movies and was panned by audiences as well as the critics. Moreover, he said, β€œAfter Batman & Robin, I realised I was going to be held responsible for the movie, not just for the performance.”

George Clooney
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Out Of Sight Changed The Career Of George ClooneyΒ 

Clooney’s struggle after Batman finally ended when he did the movie Out Of Sight. He collaborated with Steven Soderbergh, and Steven wore the hat of a director for the film. The crime comedy movie was a huge hit, and the audience took Clooney back as a bankable actor. Moreover, he said, β€œSteven was coming off a couple of flops, and I was coming off Batman & Robin, and we both needed a success. Our backs were against the wall, in away.

George Clooney Narrates The Incident Where A Director Walked Out Of β€˜Out Of Sight’

When George Clooney got β€˜Out Of Sight’, he had a director on board for the movie. However, the director walked out as he did not think of Clooney as a movie actor. Things worked out for Clooney in the end as he got Steven and made the movie a hit. Moreover, he said, β€œThere was a director attached, and he walked away because he said I wasn’t a movie actor. It all worked out. Steven directed the hell out of that movie β€” he did a beautiful job with it.”

George Clooney
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Clooney Narrates The Incident Of Roping In Steven As Director

George Clooney wanted Steven in his team as soon as he landed at Out Of Sight. Moreover, he said, β€œAnd so we waited, and when I found that movie (Out Of Sight), we chased Steven down to direct it.”

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