Batman’s Most Dangerous Partner Jason Got Heartbroken Twice.

Everyone’s favourite batman has just suffered two devastating losses in his romantic field and fans are more terrified than ever. The ultimate Batman has had multiple relationships and partners throughout the years. However, he had many problems and struggles in his love life. But no of his partners have suffered more than Jason Todd and Robin. The two have faced more problems than any other. However, we have a lot of details about the one and only Batman and his broken romance. Check out everything you need to know about it.

Jason’s Heartbreak

Talking about Jason Todd, he had a pretty tough life in Batman when it came to the romantic life. Jason has suffered from some serious romantic hits. And that had mentally and emotionally connected with the viewers. We have sen him being romantically involved with Amazonian Artemis. He has a deeper connection while working with her. However, the pair have a lot of issues they try to deal with for a really long time.

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Initially, their love was something viewers appreciated the most. And their bond would get stronger and stronger every time we saw them. However, throughout their relationship, they faced battles where they lost friends and whatnot. And because of which the two had problems between them as well. The most memorable scene of them together was when they spent a night together at Ma Gunn’s. Their Jason opened up about his feelings and how much he misses the love of his life. That moment was one of the most emotional moments where fans went through a roller coaster ride of emotions.


However, this love came to an end when Jason did everything he possibly could to keep Jokers daughter in her life. She still believed that the heroes and the villains can’t be together and hence it is an end for them as well. Artemis end their relationship despite everything Jason said or did for her. All of these broke his heart and he felt more vulnerable than ever. The end changed Jason a lot and it was one of the most painful moments of his life.


And that is not all. Jason again suffered the same pain but this time it was even worse. His heart broke once again and he couldn’t help himself at all this time. It all started with Barabra Gordon took Jason to her apartment to rest. In the three jokers #2. The two got close when they spent the night together. They even shared a brief kiss. And as far as we know Jason is someone who would get connected with someone no matter what. He showed his interest in Barbara multiple times and he did all he could to get Barbara with her.


However, when he approaches her Barbara tells him that there’s nothing like that in her heart for him. She rejects him in a way which broke his heart once again. And Jason takes the hint and leaves. But this time his heart broke more than ever. He even writes a note for her and tape it to the door. But what he fails to notice is that Barbara never saw that note.


Stay tuned with us for more such details about your favourite charter and series. What do you think about Jason and his broken romance?

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