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Beastars: When Is Beasters Season 2 Coming To Netflix


Are you spending quarantine, the same way that I am? Which is, of course, binge-watching all your favourite shows on Netflix. I bet you’ve finished watching most of them.

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There are many among us who are a die-hard fan of anime. And you dare confuse it with cartoons! That too in front of someone who’s an anime freak.

The Japanese anime Beastarshttp://Japanese anime Beastars will return with its second season and people can’t wait.Β  This famous series by Paru Itagaki is very popular all over Japan.Β  But now it will be available on Netflix! Yes, you heard it right.

Beastars season 2 will most likely be released on AugustΒ  2020. If it is not delayed due to the outbreak of the pandemic Covid 19. The official release date is not yet known.

The directors Shinichi Matsumi ( not Shinchan) and Nanami Higuchi are the pillars behind this infamous series.Β  The studio Orange is in charge of the production.

Rumours say that the pacing of the upcoming seasons is going to be slow and adaptions are going to be from chapter 48 onwards.

Juno meets Haru | Beastars - YouTube

Beastars Season 2 Cast

Chikahiro Kobayashi as legoshi,Β  Sayaka Senbongi as Haru, Junya Enoki as Jack, Yoshiyuki Shimozuma as Voss, Akio Ohtsukaas Gouhin and others

There’s been positive feedback from Netflix on Twitter saying that season 2 is coming soon. Season 1 is already up on Netflix but people are anticipating the next season more.

If the show airs in JapanAnimal Crossing: New Horizons Delay Due To Coronavirus, Releasing On March 20 in the month of August, then we can expect it to be streamed on Netflix in late November.


We live in a world which is divided by many barriers like caste, creed, culture, religion. Well in this series civilised animal-people mingle among themselves without minding any disparity. In this case, Herbivores and carnivores

We’ve always seen that movies which are adaptations from certain books ,always tend to vary from the plot written in the book. But this series has given justice to the manga.

Right now what we can do it wait for Beastars season 2 to release on Netflix while we binge-watch all other shows and wait for more information from the team. Stay indoorsΒ  stay safe



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