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Ben Affleck: Condition For Ben To Use Led Zeppelin Classic Song In ‘Argo’

Led Zeppelin
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Hard To Get Led Zeppelin Classic Song

Ben Affleck: Condition For Ben-To Use Led Zeppelin Classic Song In ‘Argo’: Just like any other filmmaker, you can’t blame Ben Affleck for wanting a Led Zeppelin song on their project’s soundtrack. Besides, the songs being on a project were quite rare; for decades, it was next to impossible for film and TV productions to license Zep songs.

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin attend a Swan Song party in Los Angeles.
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Besides, even director David O. Russell had to work his way to get “What Is and What Should Never Be” in Silver Linings Playbook (2012). Guess, the band’s made him work to own the soundtrack in his project.

Condition For Ben Affleck To Use Led Zeppelin Classic Song In ‘Argo’
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As a result, Ben Affleck found himself on the hunt for a Led Zeppelin song in his own Oscar-nominated film: Argo. Besides, he found himself in a weird situation; in Affleck’s case, Zep didn’t just want a steep price; the band also wanted him to change a shot in the film.

Led Zeppelin Classic In ‘Argo’

Affleck recalled his quest to use a Led Zeppelin song in Argo in 2012, article of L.A.Times. Affleck said that he was looking for a song that would play during the hostages’ final night in Tehran before their escape attempt. Also, the shot bee shot in which you see a character drop the needle on a record.

Ben Affleck does a Q&A after the screening of “Argo” in 2012
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Also, his first consideration was “Hotel California” by The Eagles and Zeppelin’s “Kashmir” to play at that moment. Affleck eventually decided on “When The Levee Breaks,” the psychedelic blues that closes out Led Zeppelin IV (1971).

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Even after fifty years of the recording, “Levee” ranks as one of the band’s finest works. With the most epic drumbeat in rock history, performed by the masterful John Bonham in the beginning. Later, the harmonica of Robert Plant and fretwork of Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones fill out the swampy, haunting sound.

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Affleck told the Times, “It’s got an ominous feeling, but it’s celebratory in a sense as well,”. He further added: “Zeppelin, to me, is the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band.” He knew he wanted “When the Levee Breaks,” and the surviving members of Zeppelin (most likely Page) agreed — with one change to the movie.

Besides, he said to Times, “So not only did we have to pay for the song; we had to pay for effects shot, You have to appreciate their attention to detail.” Indeed, attention to detail is what made Zep albums (all of which Page produced) the stuff filmmakers want to use a half-century later.”

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