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Ben Shapiro Slams Nancy Pelosi! Read To Know More!

Ben Shapiro Slams Nancy Pelosi! Read To Know More!: The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems to be in trouble in a week for the silliest yet dangerous thing concerned in the world right now. Pelosi had a visit to San Francisco hair salon this week for a haircut and spa.

What Video Of Nancy Pelosi Went Viral.

A video if Nancy went off on the internet and people were furious. The video was a CCTV footage of Nancy walking by inside the salon. She was walking without wearing a mask followed by the other staffs and clients.

Nancy Pelosi's viral video
Nancy Pelosi in the frame

Won’t after the video went viral on the internet, people went crazy and started cancelling Nancy Pelosi. Lakhs of people have already died in America due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And according to the recent reports, over 4 lakh people can die in America.


The famous Ben Shapiro addressed this issue by Nancy on the podcast. He tells his podcast listeners on Thursday that the woman is cursing American and their politics.

Nancy Pelosi’s Take On The Event.

All the Salons in San Francisco had been closed since MarchΒ andΒ could only reopen for outdoor hairstyling services on Sept. 1. However, Pelosi initially claimed that she was the one who was the victim. They were the ones who set it all up and did all this intentionally.

In conclusion, She even says that the salon was allowing people without masks, and they should be the ones to be called out. However, she later said that she understood that the COVID restrictions allowed for a one-on-one appointment indoors, and demanded an apology from the salon owner for setting up that staging.

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