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Best Of Canon: 2020

What To Consider Before Buying

Buying a Canon camera is exciting and can be a big headache because of the number of options.

The basic things to consider before buying are

  1. The Purpose of buying a camera
  2. The lenses
  3. The bulkiness
  4. Battery Life
  5. The Budget

Here, The best of Canon’s cameras with the above criteria in mind will be discussed.

For the purpose, We will be dividing into 3 categories: Expert, Enthusiast and Beginner.


Canon: Expert Level Photography

This is for the serious photographers and vloggers. For those who take photography seriously.

For vlogging, the Canon Powershot G7 X Mark 3 is an all-round best.

With tilting touchscreen and effective stabilisation, this is easily the best camera for vlogging. It even has raw mic input. You can even stream directly to Youtube without using a smartphone for live streaming.

For photography enthusiasts, the Canon EOS 5D mark 4 is the best.

This is a pretty old camera. It came out 3 years ago, but it still gives the latest cameras a run for their money. With great image quality and a very solid build, This camera is loved by anyone taking photography seriously. It shoots videos best in HD and has a fixed screen. Otherwise, it is a very solid camera.


Canon: Enthusiast Level Photography

For photography lovers and for those who adore taking out their cameras for that perfect moment.

The Canon EOS RPΒ is a great camera which jumps into the latest trend of mirrorless cameras.

It is small, strong and affordable with a touchscreen. The only thing which might affect your buying choice is its battery life. Other than that, this camera is best-in-class in every other factor.

The Canon EOS 90D is another beautiful camera for photography enthusiasts.

This camera has an excellent battery and can shoot 4k videos and has a great sensor for resolution. It is compact and not too bulky. It is not too expensive either.


Canon: Beginner Level Photography

This is for people who always loved photography and are finally getting a camera.

The Canon EOS rebel is an entry-level camera which is one of the best for beginners.

It is small, weighs less and has a touchscreen. It has a great image quality and good battery life. This is one of the best for those buying their first camera.

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