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BGT Ofcom Receives 7581 Complaints Which Leaves Jordan Banjo To Break Down!

Jordan Banjo in the frame
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BGT Ofcom Receives 7581 Complaints Which Leaves Jordan Banjo To Break Down!: Reality shows have always shown us some beautiful performances from more outstanding talents. It has taken us to a fantasy world and also offered some realities of life. Britan’s Got Talent skill has also demonstrated some reality-based performances which have raised political views.


The Performance

Jordan with Dancer Perry Kiely

The last performance of Jordan Banjo and his bandmates based on several incidents including the death of unarmed George Floyd. His death provoked many protests. He died under the hands of a white police officer. Ashley Banjo choreographed this performance. It received many negative comments

Complaints Get Increasing

Their performance received a lot of criticisms. On Monday Ofcom has received 1121 complaints, but it increased to 7581 on Wednesday. A spokesperson said their performance has opened up important topics for discussion and it is purely for “family audience.”

Jordan Breaks Down

Speaking to Kiss FMΒ  on Wednesday Jordan poured out his heart. He mentions that they have received criticisms for their art, but this was something special, and we received specific complimentary messages, but many were negative. He adds that he can’t speak anymore and leaves. Dancer Perri Kiley has also been saying about the negative reviews for their performance

Ashley’s Instagram Post

Ashley has been receiving a lot of abusing messages since it aired. But these things motivate him to do the right thing. Posting on Instagram Ashley wrote Art: The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. My truth, my platform, my art. David Williams has shown his support. He hasΒ  liked the complimentary social media messages

Support From Fans

Diversity fans have also shown their support. One fan tweeted:

“@AshleyBanjo and @Diversity-Tweet literally gave me goosebumps the whole way through this. Powerful and strong.”

These things should keep young talents to showcase more essential items for society

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