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Biden & Trump Are Releasing New Ads To Win Over The Citizens!

Joe Biden on the right and Donald Trump on the left
Source: Yahoo News India

Biden & Trump Are Releasing New Ads To Win Over The Citizens!: The presidential elections are two months away, and both the candidates, Trump and Biden are campaigning through digital media using ads related to the labour day. President Donald Trump‘s campaign ads focus on the ideas of pushing behind the worst scenario of the corona pandemic and on vaccine progress.

As the schools reopened, unemployment and cases are rising. At the same time, Biden campaign is launching two ads, one that focuses on easing social tensions and another concerning the administration on social security funding.

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Biden’s Ads

Biden ads urge upon the fresh start, and comments stop focusing on a President who thinks it’s only about him. Democratic President Nominee Joe Biden’s campaign releases two ads highlighting Trump’s rule over the past four years. He also stated he wasn’t able to handle the corona pandemic situation and hence people are suffering. Biden narrates that:

“If I am your president, we are going to protect Social Security and Medicare, and you have my word.”

Donald Trump Joe Biden
Source: BBC

Biden Says

In one of his ads, Biden said:

“Prez Trump has proposed to eliminate the payroll tax, that pays for almost half of social security without any making up for that lost revenue.”

It has been quite confusing for the audience as he spoke to forgive the tax and also suggested that economic growth would cover the cost of eliminating the tax, which is again very doubtful. Biden’s videos imply that the words spoken were quoting a white legislature and trying to expose the comments as racist.


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