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Bill Cosby, 83, Finally Released From Jail. Smiling Mugshot Goes Viral!


Recently a picture of Bill Cosby who newly got released from the prison has leaked. The image is the mugshot of the older man smiling. However, it has broken the internet. Check out everything you need to know.

Bill Cosby’s Viral Picture.

Bill Cosby is a famous American Actor and stands up comedian. He was famous for being sex offenders in the country. For those who don’t know it, Cosby has three criminal charges against him for assaults. Due to which he was sent behind bars for several years.


The Pennsylvania Department of CorrectionsΒ updated Bills mugshot in which he was seen smiling. His picture went viral since the time it came on the internet. And why wouldn’t it, Bill was one of the most famous American celebrities. He has the hearts of many people.

Picture via Pinterest

The picture was first taken in early September to update Bill’s mugshot. In the photo, Bill is seen wearing a red T-shirt. A disposable white mask is hanging in his neck. And he is seen smiling towards the camera.


Soon after recently this year he was released from jail after several years of punishment. The 83-year-old man is finally free and has updated his social media. He tweets by saying that his picture that recently went viral was taken a few months earlier when he was to release.


Cosby, a once-beloved comedian, long known as β€œAmerica’s Dad,” was the first celebrity in the history of comedians to have conducted sexual assault in the #metoo moment. And he was sent to jail after that. What do you think about it?

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