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Bill Gates Slams Donald Trump And His New Adviser Dr Scott Atlas Over Coronavirus Measures!

Bill Gates Donald Trump
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Bill Gates Slams Donald Trump And Dr Scott Atlas Who Replaced Dr Fauci

The Trump administration replaced Dr Scott Atlas as the adviser to the President for coronavirus and reportedly returned Dr Fauci. Trump has always asserted that the virus will disappear from the US eventually when the country would develop herd immunity. Even Dr Atlas is okay with the idea of little monitoring so that everyone contracts with the virus and speeds the process of herd immunity. However, Gates is strictly against the idea and feels Dr Atlas has been appointed only as a yes man to Trump. He said:

β€œThe administration’s now hired this Stanford guy who has no background at all just because he agrees with their crackpot theories.”

Bill Gates Donald Trump
Source: Vox

Bill Gates Slams Donald Trump For The Renewed Guidelines

The Trump administration recently rewrote the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As per the renewed guidelines, people don’t have to test themselves if they don’t have any coronavirus symptoms. Like a real yes man, Dr Atlas has supported the idea. However, Bill Gates feels that such a step is a disaster, and his claims are backed by other scientists who think such a rule would make it more challenging to contain the virus. Gates said:

β€œThis has been a mismanaged situation every step of the way. It’s shocking. It’s unbelievableβ€”the fact that we would be among the worst in the world.”

Dr Scott Atlas Defends Himself That He Is Not Here To Replace Anyone

Dr Atlas asserted that he was appointed as the special advisor and is not there to replace anyone. He said:

β€œI was brought in as a special adviser to the president and work with the people that are there on the task force and others who are working extremely hard on this pandemic. So, I’m not here to replace anyone … I’m here to work with everyone.”

Bill Gates Donald Trump
Source: Vox

Bill and Melina Gates Foundation Working Hard To Curb Coronavirus

The largest private philanthropic organization, the Bill and Melina Gates organization is fighting from the front to curb the virus. Bill and Melinda have been in touch with the world leader to assist them in any way possible.

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