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‘Billion Dollars’ Funding To Terror Harbouring Pakistan Stopped By Prez Donald Trump: Nikki Haley

‘Billion Dollars’ Funding To Terror Harbouring Pakistan Stopped By Prez Donald Trump: Nikki Haley

Indian-American Republican politician Nikki Haley on Saturday said that the U.S. Government has stopped funding billion dollars to the hub of terror, Pakistan. The former governor of South Carolina attended an event organised by the Indian Voices for Donald Trump in Philadelphia. Haley immensely praised Trump’s foreign policies during the campaign.

Pakistan Won’t Get Billion Dollars Anymore: Donald Trump

“We were giving a billion dollars in military aid to Pakistan, who was turning around harbouring terrorists that are trying to kill our American soldiers. We do not give that billion dollars,” Haley said during the event.

“Now, there’s a method that the President using, which looks, we should not just use a UN vote to decide who to get funding, but it should be one of the things we look at. And we need to be smart about how we do foreign policy,” she added.

Change In Foreign Policies

The U.S. Government provided funds to the Pakistan Government as military aid in the last 15 years but has only been betrayed in return. More than 33 billion dollars were funded which have been used in nothing but for sheltering the terrorists. The Afghani terrorists are being harboured, which were hunted down by the American soldiers.

However, a tweet from Prez Trump in 2018 specified that the U.S. had stopped all the military funding to Pakistan. Trump’s administration suspended financing of 300 million dollars to Islamabad in 2018.

This was to curb the terrorists’ control over the region. Nikki and Trump hope that the changes in these foreign policies will help them during the Presidential elections.

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