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Billy & Joey Smith: Twins Together From Birth Till Death!

Billy and Joey Smith

Billy & Joey Smith: Twins Together From Birth Till Death!: The twin brothers had appeared in the showΒ My Big Fat Gypsy WeddingΒ on TLC. They had been inseparable from the time they had been born maybe that’s why they didn’t leave behind any one of them.

Not Even Death Could Separate Them!

On Saturday, twin brothers Joey and Billy Smith were hanging in a tree in Sevenoaks, England. It was the same place that the twins had to spend their childhood playing together.

Billy & Joey Smith
Twins that took their first and last breath together

An old photograph of the pair was in Billy’s pocket, and their initials and the year 2020 were carved into a tree trunk. Their uncle found them.Β Phoebe Charleen SmithΒ revealedΒ that the family got to know that the twins were missing when they found a note.

Phoebe said:

Β  β€œIt said they wanted it like this and we would find them in the woods where they played with the family years ago.Β “

The Reason

There is no evidence of why the twins decided to take their life; their family have a different opinion.

Billy & Joey Smith, the twins who were inseparable even till death

According to Sun, Joey had a long history of depression. He was battling depression and guessed he had finally given in. Recently Joey had been diagnosed with bladder cancer while Billy had long-standing back and leg pain.

Joey got diagnosed with cancer, and that may have been the reason. But the family had found the reports, and it was all clear.

Joey from “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding”

Phoebe stated:

β€œThey told the family it was all clear but they thought maybe he was lying to not hurt them. They have since found the letter and he did have the all-clear. No one can get their heads around it. There are questions that are never going to be answered. It’s a torment.”

So far, there has been no reason that has come to light following the death of the twins. Police are looking into the matter and have found no one suspicious till now.

Tribute To The Brothers

Billy’s girlfriend, Kristina Delaney, shared a heartful message for the twins. She paid tribute to the twins and called it the most challenging day of her life.

Facebook post from Billy’s girlfriend

Paddy Doherty paid tribute to the twins.

Paddy Doherty, Facebook post to pay tribute to the twins

He posted a picture on Facebook and later followed his original post with other photos of the twins. Paddy also shared a video, claiming:

β€œone brother found the other brother dead, hung, and he hung himself to be with his brother.”

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