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Black Lives Matter : As Kenosha Weeps Under Racism, Donald Trump Calls Protesters As DOMESTIC TERRORS !

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Donald Trump Visits Kenosha, Wisconsin Amid Violence And Protests

Black Lives Matter: Donald Trump decided to make a visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin, which is currently scarred under the aftermath of protest and violence. Things are getting out of hand in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after the shooting on Jacob Blake. Jacob is a black man who shot seven times, which paralyzed his lower body. The incident has made Jacob the new George Floyd as it has led to a fresh wave of protest. Trump’s visit is not in favor of public opinion as he is still supporting the police and not the protesters and people.

Donald Trump Calls Protestors As Domestic Terrors

Donald Trump is not in line with the idea that the protest that took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin, was a peaceful one. He said, “These are not peaceful protests but domestic terror.” When Trump arrived at Kenosha, he saw burned down shops and buildings. This made him pinpoint the fact that most of the protests are not peaceful and are, in fact, very violent. However, This may not be a popular opinion among Americans. He said, “I keep hearing about peaceful protests … and then I come to an area like this, and the town is burned down.”

Black Lives Matter: Donald Trump Hails The Police Forces

Trump feels that the people and the opposition only look at the protesters but ignore the pain and efforts of the police to maintain peace. He said, “The vast and overwhelming majority of police officers are honorable, courageous, and devoted public servants. They’re incredible, yet many politicians ignore their sacrifice and ignore the African-American, Hispanic-American victims”. Trump further pressed on to the fact that police officers have a high-pressure job, and it is natural for them to choke. He said, “And if they make a wrong decision one way or the other, they’re either dead, or they’re in big trouble. And people have to understand that. They choke sometimes. And it’s a very tough situation.”

Black Lives Matter: Donald Trump
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Donald Trump Has Not Clear Answer For Jacob Blake

Donald Trump gave a very vague answer when asked about the shooting on Jacob Blake. He said, “I feel terrible for anybody who goes through that”. And then dodge the topic by calling it a ‘complicated subject.’

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