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Black Lives Matter : Car Drives Into Black Lives Matter Protestors Injuring People in New York.

A car on Thursday drove into the black lives matter protesters in New York. The car hit several people injuring them badly. In the times square, Thursday, a group of 500-1000 people were protesting for the black lives matters until a car drove into them badly.

Many people recorded the chaotic scene and posted a video shortly after 8 p.m. ET.Β The video was posted on Twitter, soon after it got viral on the internet. The video showed that the car drives into the group of people injuring them and then leaving them in pain. People were furious about the incident and called the police right after.

Justice for Prude’s Death.

Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter

Minutes later, WNYC reporter Gwynne Hogan said the crowd appeared “rattled”. The report said the incident was chaotic and could have injured many people badly. However “most people were able to jump out of the way.”Β but at least one person got injured badly.

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Out of all the injured people, one guy named Prude died in the incident. TheΒ March incident has sparked another major protest for the Black Lives Matter throughoutΒ America. Yesterday the mayor of New York, the city ordered the immediate suspension of the seven officers involved in Prude’s death. Prude’s family is demanding for justice, asking the officers to be fired and sentenced in jail. People around the country are furious for having people to die with their hands is the police. Mainly the exploitation of black people By Americans and police.

The major has taken necessary steps against the officers by firing 11 of themβ€”people all around the country to trying to seek justice for Prude’s death.

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