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Black Summer Season 2: Is It Going To Be Postponed Due To Pandemic! Cast, Storyline, Other Details!

Black Summer Season 2

Opening up the news every morning with a notification about cancelled shows is a bad enough start. Will Black Summer Season 2 be the next show to face a similar fate? Let’s have a look.

A Netflix Original

Who does not like a good zombie apocalypse movie? Especially with the virus in the air, gamers and zombie movie enthusiasts are excited for something similar to happen. One such famous Netflix original is Black Summer. It came around April last year and instantly hit the charts.

The plotline rummages and follows through the story of Rose. She is torn over losing her daughter, and after weeks, she must find her daughter at any cost. Hanging around with an odd group, the 8 episode thriller shows us some brutal sides of life.

Black Summer Season 2
The main casts of the upcoming second season of Netflix’s Black Summer.

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Black Summer S2: Cast MembersΒ 

The members present in the season acted spectacularly provided that they have never developed such emotions before. Humanity needs to face an apocalypse once to realise.

  • Jaime King – Rose (The main character)
  • Christine Lee – Ooh Sun Kyungsun
  • Gwynyth Walsh – Barbara Watson
  • Sal Velez Jr. – William Velez
  • Justin Chu Cary – Julius James ( Spears )
  • Kelsey Flower – Lance (survivor)

Who do you think is returning for season 2? I think the plot is similar or an extension to the first season.

Black Summer Season 2: Release Date

The first season came out just a year ago on April 2019, with the trailer out in March itself. The second season is happening. Fans are engrossed in the theme and want more of it. The show may be delayed.

Black Summer Season 2
A plot from the previous season of Netflix’s Black Summer.

What an irony, Zombie series delayed due to an actual virus outbreak. The filming and production are on hold for safety purposes. Moreover, it is legally not allowed for more than 250 people to gather.

It was announced in November by the team of the upcoming season. Hence, the season can take quite some time. I don’t think there are any chances of it showing up this year.

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