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Blackfishing: Is It An Insult To The African American Community?

Blackfishing: Is It An Insult To The African American Community?
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Have White Women profited from looking Like Black?

One question is trending on the Internet these days, and that is, have White women profited from looking like Black? Ayesha Curry was recently trolled for her looks. So, she changed her hairstyle from brunette to platinum blonde. However, some people praised her new face. Still, she was blamed for looking like a white woman which she isn’t.

What Is Blackfishing?

We all agree that blackface is racist but have you given a thought to blackfishing? Blackfishing is a slang word used to describe a person who pretends to be someone he isn’t. White women have caught attention for going through several self-tanning, makeup and plastic surgery.

Let Us Have A Look At Famous White Women Who Tried To Copy Black Women Style

For instance, the Kardashian sisters are well known for accentuating their lips and enhancing various parts of their body. This was done to mimic the natural curves of black women. The sisters have even shown off cornrows and braids.

In 2018, Emma Hallberg was accused of blackfishing by Twitter. She was a thoroughly American white girl from Sweden. She transformed her looked completely and appeared like a woman from mixed-race heritage. Rachel Dolezal, the former president of Spokane, Washington, was removed from her position. The reason was that she pretended to look like a black woman.

Dolezal went as far to change her way of speaking, similar to black women. Although she remained in power for a short duration, her primary motive was achieved. It was to capitalise black culture, and she succeeded in it.

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