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“Blackpink”: Famous K-Pop Group’s Official Documentary On Netflix!

Blackpink: famous K-pop group
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As we can see the craze for K-pop music is increasing day by day among the youth, whether people understand their language or not, that totally negotiable for them. People enjoy their music, they feel so lively and energetic. So, talking K-pop and skipping the ‘Blackpink‘ group ain’t possible, right! “Blackpink”: Famous K-Pop group is one of the biggest K-pop groups universally.

“Blackpink”: Famous K-Pop group…

Let’s get back into 2016 when this group was officially formed. The idols behind the group ‘Blackpink’ are Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa. Jisoo is the older one among all of them and Lisa is the younger of all.

These four girls come from different areas and backgrounds, the only thing that was common in them, was the passion and craze for Korean music. Β Rose was born in New Zealand and back then when she was seven, moved to Australia. Lisa came from Thailand, Jennie lived in New Zealand for five years and Jisoo spent her life in South Korea.

The global nature of the group of these four girls gives the music a new taste and a totally new concept, which is why this group is the most famous group of music, not only in Korea but all over the world.

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“Blackpink”: Famous K-Pop group-Documentary…

A documentary based on the life of the famous K-pop group ‘Blackpink’, directed by Caroline Suh titled “BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky”, just released this year,i.e. October 2020 on Netflix. The documentary came out within a few weeks after their song ‘Lovesick girls’ released and the documentary literally received a lot of love from the fans. With the help of this documentary, the people who earlier had no idea about the group added in the ‘Blinks’ – this is what Blackpink members named their fans.

This documentary shows another side of the ‘Blackpink’ members. The members added that they too love to do shopping, partying, traveling, dancing, enjoying, etc. everything that an ordinary person does. Even after having fame, they are also a human being. They do mistakes but they work harder not to repeat them.

“Blackpink”: Famous K-Pop group-inside the documentary…

In the documentary, the members talk about their training days, when they have to leave their families for so many months and have to manage everything on their own at such a young age. They share their hardships and the best experiences of their lives. They talk about working with their idols Lady Gaga, Cardi B, and Selena Gomez. As a girl, it becomes too difficult to live in such a harsh world.

It shows how hard these girls work to entertain their fans, from the energetic dance performances on their live shows to the confidential & inspirational speeches, they inspire so many people out there. With the help of this documentary, fans get to know more about their idols like their nature, who they really are, and so on.

Rose says in the documentary,

The music, the energy, the crowd, and the passion create magic together. β€œThat is when I feel most alive.”

β€œI have trouble falling asleep.” 

Rose loves to sit in a dark room at night, wearing a cozy sweater withholding a guitar, and sings her heart out to satisfy her soul. So, the world around her makes sense with the help of music.

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Lisa says about her training days,

β€œEverything was a competition at that time.”

Jennie says,

β€œA lot of people make memories as a high-school student, but I never had that.”

“She was always scared of interviews and usually avoids the personal question.”

The biggest night for the ‘Blackpink’:

The biggest life event in their lives was the Coachella music festival performance they had. They expected only a hundred people to come but it was such an amazing surprise to see thousands of people singing ‘Blackpink’s songs in Korean, who came just to attend their live show. The heights of success that ‘Blackpink’ has reached is unbelievable.

Jennie says at the end of the documentary,

β€œIt is just the beginning.”

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