Blake Lively Bashed A Paparazzi For Chasing Her Children And Invading Her Privacy!

A bunch of paparazzi photos of Blake lively with husband Ryan Reynolds and three daughters went viral all over different social media platforms. The gossip girl star did not stay short and bashed the tabloid that uploaded the pictures. She even confirmed that a bunch of photographers stock her children all the time to get exclusive pictures. She is not ready to compromise with their privacy at this point. Check out everything you need to know about it.


Blake lively got furious when she saw a bunch of pictures of her entire family from an event. She bashed the tabloid by asking them if they do the background check of the photograph as they pay to get exclusive pictures. She even confirms that a bunch of paparazzi follow her children all the time. Some of them would hide and jump and act creepy just to get pictures of them. She even confirmed that her children are not at all okay with this kind of behavior and even get scared.

Blake Lively Annoyed

She furiously asks the tabloid who pays the photograph hours where the morality is. She asked if the safety of children matters or not. This is not the first time when the reality star is going through something like this. At several points in her life, she had been followed extremely at a point where she gets annoyed and feels unsafe. However, this time it has come down to her children’s and she is not ready to entertain it at all.

Picture via Google images.

Soon after she bashed the paparazzi and the tabloid fans showed a lot of support and appreciation in her favor. With several fans agreeing to her that the safety and privacy of celebrities and their family are of the utmost importance. The tabloid or the paparazzi did not respond to it yet but they might as well anytime soon. Stay tuned with us for more details about your favorite TV show and celebrity.

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