Blake Lively Furious At Paparazzi That Chase Her Children. She Claims It’s A Threat To Their Lives.

After calling out the tabloid that uploaded a bunch of pictures of Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds along with their children. She is now appreciating the ones who are making a difference. However, she is still furious add paparazzi who are not respecting their privacy and going of limit every time. she even confirmed that at this point she feels insecure and scared for her three daughters. Check out everything you need to know about it.


The 33-year-old celebrity recently took to her Instagram where is she exposes the dirty art of paparazzi. She confirmed that she is now scared for the children as some property stock and share them every where they go. With from jumping and climbing here and there to get exclusive pictures. She confirmed that this is something that she does not appreciate at all and she would love to have good amount of privacy.

Blake Lively Bashes The Tabloid

That was not all she even bashed the tabloid that uploaded the bunch of pictures of her with her family. She confirms that it is okay for pictures go online but she is not at all okay with people chasing her daughters to get exclusive pictures. She mentioned and asked for privacy and protection of children. Blake lively’s fans were really supportive about the whole situation.

Picture via google images.

on the other hand she recently so good amount of changes. And hence she once again took to her social media to appreciate the people who made the change. However asked others to follow up the same as celebrity kids really need protection and privacy to themselves. Blake lively is known to have an open and bold personality who talks for what is right. Fellow celebrity appreciate her for taking stand of celebrity kids as it was an issue that many were facing. Stay tuned with us for more such details about your favourite TV show and celebrity.

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