Blake Lively Pays Tribute To Late Dad On Father Day With A Lovely Picture Of Him With Her Husband!

Blake Lively paid tribute to late dad Ernie Lively on Father’s Day. She uploaded a very hot touching picture of her husband and late father cuddling with a wonderful message. The picture was very overwhelming for the fans and made many emotional. The gossip girl Fame has never failed to appreciate the loved ones in her life.


On Sunday, June 20 the 33-year-old superstar uploaded a picture wishing happy Father’s Day to her late dad. The picture is so special as it contains her husband and father cuddling. The Sweet picture describes the love and affection they have for each other. She captioned the picture as my voice. Along with some emojis.

The Picture

The picture clearly defines how much Blake lively misses her late dad. And she didn’t fail to pay a tribute to him on fathers day. Moreover, she appreciated her husband posting the same picture. Soon after the 33-year-old superstar uploaded the picture it went viral all over social media platforms.

Picture via Google Images.

In the picture, both are seen laughing and cuddling each other. Blake‘s dad is wearing a white shirt with a black hat. On the other hand, she’s husband is wearing a white tank top which is paired up with a blue striped shirt. Her fans couldn’t get enough of it and started showering love and emotional messages in the comment section. Several fellow celebrities commented on the picture as well including some of her family members. And that was not all she posted more pictures of a dad along with her on the story.


Several celebrities uploaded a picture with their dad showing them their love and appreciation. Father‘s day was happy to celebrate all over the internet by celebrities and fans. Some wrote touched messages others a funny yet loving one. Stay tuned with us for more details about your favorite TV show and celebrity.

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