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Bloodborne 2: Should It Be A Prequel Or A Sequel?

Bloodborne 2 Is Coming?
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Bloodborne 2: Should It Be A Prequel Or A Sequel?:Β BloodborneΒ is an action role-playing game designed for PlayStation 4. The game is widely famous all over the world.

It is one of the most unique and adventurous games over the years. Hidetaka Miyazaki designed the game. In 2015, gamers all over the world started playing it because of its perfectly balanced element of being challenging to play.

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Sony Computer Entertainment published the game making it Sony’s one of the best action games to play. Bloodborne gives out a genre of Gothic meets Romanticism.

Let us get into the details of the game Bloodborne.

The Story Of Bloodborne

The storyline of Bloodborne gives thematically focused symbols related to blood, vengeance, dreams, childbirth and lunacy. The protagonist is stricken with a mysterious illness. The cure is blood.
Bloodborne 2 Is Coming?
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The protagonist goes to the city of Yharnam as it is known for its healing blood. Soon, the protagonist learns that the place is full of mysterious monsters and a beast named ‘Hunter’. He has to fight them to reach in the heart of Yharnam and uncover the origin of the healing blood.
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Do We Even Need Bloodborne 2?

We learn that the city of Yharnam is mysterious since the start. There is no reason as to why the city is full of creatures. I feel, before jumping onto the sequel, the makers should consider giving us an insight into the early days of Yharnam city.

The three endings of Bloodborne leaves players with unanswered questions which is better that way. We learn the secrets about the werewolf plague, the origins of Old Blood and the truth behind the nightmare realms.

Even if the makers decide to make a sequel, there won’t be enough pieces to hold. But if they decide to make a prequel, the makers can explore the areas of how Yharnam became the city of ‘werewolves’.

Bloodborne 2: The Fall Of Yharnam?

The first instalment is all about sinister conspiracies and the existence of aliens beyond the human realm. We can explore how the city of Yharnam would be after the end of Bloodborne 1. Stay tuned to find out more!



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