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Bo Derek And John Corbett Still Don’t Feel Like Marrying After Being Together For 18 Years !

Bo Derek and John Corbett
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Bo Derek and John Corbett Relationship

Bo Derek and John Corbett are probably one of those couples that other Hollywood couples look up to. While Bo is 63 years old, her partner John is 59 years old. The couple is together ever since 2002 and is going strong with their relationship. However, there is a catch in their special relationship. The two are still unmarried even after 18 years of their relationship. For the age is just a number and their love is still young and fresh.

Bo Derek and John Corbett
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Bo Derek And John Corbett Are Not In A Mood To Get Married

Bo and John are not looking to get married anytime soon in the future. Maybe marriage is still not for them and they are happy with what they have. Recently, Bo opened up about this and said, β€œI think when you’re beginning a young family and you’re going to have children and set up this new family tree branch, it’s obviously a wonderful commitment and it’s meaningful. But for us in our lives, it hasn’t been yet.” With this, she made it clear about her intention to marry John.

Bo Derek Feels She Is Finally Settling With John Corbett

Bo Derek gave some insight into what makes it work with John. Even after 18 years, Bo is feeling only now that she is finally settling with John. She talked about what makes John special. Bo said, β€œHe makes me laugh all the time. He’s full of life, full of joy. I became attracted to him and I still am. We take things day by day and I think we are still there. We’re starting to get a little more settled.”

Bo and John Derek
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Bo Derek Surprised To Find John After First Husband’s Death

Before her relationship with John, she was married to John Derek for 22 years. However, she is surprised that she could find someone after the death of her husband. She said, β€œI’ve always been a fairly optimistic person, but it was a huge change, an enormous loss. The air just gets sucked out of the room when you lose your partner. So I wallowed in that for a while. I didn’t expect to end up with anyone again.”




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