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Boats in support of Trump collapsed and sank and crashed

Boats in support of Trump collapsed and sank and crashed

Boats in support of Trump collapsed and sank and crashed: Recently, A boat paradeΒ which as supporting Trump to win the next presidential race was off in Lake Travis in Texas, on Saturday. While the Boat was going along the shore, big waves hit the ship hard, crashing boars into the rocks.

According to the reports released last night, there are no deaths. However, people were just slightly injured. The public information officer said that the number of boats that sank was genuinely unexpected.

The officers showed their grief towards the incident. The officer that was in charge of the Travis lake said several boats fell and others crashed severely on the rocks.

When, Why And How?

The Lake Travis is a reservoir linked to the Colorado River, Texas. Travis lake is a popular spot for boating, fishing, swimming and other recreational activities. The Boat took part in a parade to support US President Donald Trump to win the presidential race.

The Boat was off in Travis Lake, Texas on September 5, 2020. Dark after the incident said the additional officer had told the Boat faced several waves but survived, but after a while, it sank and crashed in rocks. It would increase the number of vessels on the water. However, they still received a large number of distress calls.

Trump Talks About The Incident

They first addressed the event on Facebook. The post calls for boats of ‘all shapes and size’ it was to participate and for owners to decorate their vessels in different colours. It mainly illustrates with templates of Trump’s name.

According to the sources, despite all the accident, no significant injuries or deaths or even medical emergencies were reported. Trump responds to this incident on Twitter and shows his grief. He says the experience wasn’t expected and wished best for the people who got slightly injured.

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