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Book Uber 50$ Hourly Ride In Selected US Cities ! Check Plan Update

Book Uber 50$ Hourly Ride
Book Uber 50$ Hourly Ride

Uber 50$ Hourly Ride Uber Technologies Inc. announced a new plan for its customers with a $50 hourly pay on Friday, May 29. This plan will start from next month for the ridesharing users in selected dozen cities in the U.S.

The New Ride Plan

The pilot programs inspire this plan in the countries of Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia. This aims to help Americans with essential trips during the Coronavirus pandemic. Fares of the regular Uber rides will be based on the demand and the trip distance.

Niraj Patel, UBER’s director of Rider operations, confirmed the idea of the new plan solely comes from the user’s feedback. The users shared how they can fulfill their needs in this pandemic time, and they listened.

Book Uber 50$ Hourly Ride
Book Uber 50$ Hourly Ride

He Stated, ” within the Uber app, you will be able to request this trip as you would do on any demand ride…while setting multiple stops as needed throughout your journey.” He also added, “Today, we are doing that by launching an hourly ride option in selected cities in the U.S. A new way to ride without having to re-request a trip at each location you visit.”

Available Cities

Uber 50$ Hourly Ride: This hourly booking will be available from June 2 in some selected cities. They are – Atlanta, Chicago, Washington D.C., Miami, Dallas, Houston, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Tacoma. The cab company assures expansion to the other cities in the following weeks.

The Uber’s revenue has fallen 80 percent globally at the beginning of April when the Corona outbreak hits the world. But earlier this month, Uber said the demand is slowly increasing than the past months.

Book Uber 50$ Hourly Ride
Book Uber 50$ Hourly Ride

Since the outbreak, Uber required both the driver and riders to wear face masks during the trip. Besides, both parties can cancel a trip for not following the rules. This can lead to deactivation of the Uber account for both rider and driver.

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