Borderlands 3’s Guardian Takedown And Mayhem Patch Launch Today

Borderland 3

Borderlands 3’s: Due to the social unrest on George Floyd’s death, many of the events delayed a past week. The gearbox also decided to launch no title for the last few days. However, for now, the Borderlands 3’s Guardian Takedown and Mayhem Patch launching today on June 11.

The launch event of Guardian Takedown supposed to take place last week on Thursday. While Mayhem 2.0 Patch also scales back enemy health at high levels. The release of the patch and the takedown expected to launch earlier. But it is today when the versions are going to launch. Also, it may be a case that Borderland always launches its stuff on Thursday.

Borderland 3

However, the company isn’t very vocal about the launch event. But they planned to go to IGN’s Summer of Gaming Show event and announce it there. They showed DLC footage of the game yesterday night and confirmed the Guardian Takedown would launch today. In Twitter, they replied to the people asking for it and confirmed it is coming.

Borderlands 3’s Guardian Takedown And Mayhem Patch Launch: Expectation

We can expect it is the last day one can farm for Cartel weapons like Yellowcake and OPQ. There is a strong possibility some of the strongest weapons will be ending up. Also considering the scale of damage in Mayhem 10 with 12500% enemy health, the going down will be pointless.

Borderlands 3's

As the guns go down in power, the difficulty of the game will be pointless. But until we can get all the information about it, we can not say anything strong. But we hope it will not ditch them or not try to farm them at all.

The patch notes will not come out until tomorrow. So, the next Bounty of Blood DLC will be arriving on June 25. This will bring us a different Mayhem patch. It will increase action skills, melee, vehicle, grenade damage to a scale with a much more new system. It will be good if the Mayhem Patch launch earlier. But guess we have to wait for it.

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